Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well marriage officially sux!

I have been in my 2nd marriage for the last 6 years n with him for the last 7. He is currently incarcerated for losing his temper with his step son. There have been some new discoveries in the past 4 n a half months and ive come to the conclusion that im done with my husband. Im tired of the drinking the lying the cheating and being ignored and not supported in my endeavor to get a better education so i can kick the system. I want my own house. A vehicle that i dont have to either repair every month or replace every six months. Im just tired of the bullshit. I have two men that want me just the way i am. And i know how both are in the bedroom. I love one n i fell in love with the other. The entire situation is really messed up. But it is what it is. For as long as it lasts. Im going to get thru this without the help of a dumb bitch n her narc attitude.