Monday, May 24, 2010

Carnival Season In NY Has Begun....

The warm weather has set in here in New York. So now carnival season begins. Many carnivals are just out of winter quarters and are starting their trek north.  Some even start here in NY and go south.
     Well for the best part of the year... carnival season! I can't wait to go work in my fried dough joint. I get to relax with out my kids for a bit and make money doing it. Funny thing is that most people wouldn't consider it relaxing. I get to spend time with people that I consider extended family and treat people to the most BAD for you food on the planet. There is nothing more delicious than fried dough or funnel cakes under the flashing lights of the midway. So I start my season the first weekend of June and I have no clue where the spot is. And that makes it all the more fun. I get to travel to little hick towns and hole in the wall towns, and the middle of no where, and East Bum Fucked Egypt. Life on a carnival is so much fun, but it can be a lot of work too. The rides are the hardest because of all the heavy lifting of steel and iron and canvas in the blazing sun. The reward for all that hard work is watching the patrons leave with a smile on their face. And with the economy the way it is right now, people will be flocking to carnivals rather than going on expensive vacations and going to theme parks. The average price of a theme park ticket is $40. Admission to the carnival is free. Tickets and food are what really cost anything and most carnivals have a P.O.P.... pay one price... where the parent pays a set price for the child to ride any ride they want of the duration of the P.O.P.  The P.O.P usually lasts a good 5 if a single ticket costs $1 and each ride takes 3 or more tickets, and the kid wants to ride every ride, and there are 13 rides, do the least $35 in tickets versus a $15 wristband. sounds like the P.O.P is the best deal.  Since carnivals are free to get in and park, you can bring your own food, and save money that way, and just buy a treat, like fried dough, or a candy apple. There is no need to buy the days meals at the carnival. But it does support our wages. So get off your duffs and get moving.... go to  local carnival today!

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