Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Typical Morning with my Son

Life after traveling with the carnival is much like the life of any person with children. The day starts like any other...I get up, I go potty, I make coffee. I get my son up for school and he fights me the entire way. From getting out of the damn bed, to getting dressed, to actually getting his ass out the door.  He complains that school is boring...he hates it...it's stupid....I don't have to fricking go... etc. There have been days where I even have to physically dress him. Ever try putting socks on a cat? Ever try bathing a cat? Thats how bad he can fight me. Like today, he doesn't want to go to school, so he dawdled just enough to piss me off. Im at the point of screaming every morning. That is something that I shouldn't have to do. What parent screams at the top of their lungs to get their child to do something? He refuses to respond to a normal tone of voice, or even a simple request. I have been at the end of my rope with him for a while. I also have a beautiful little girl and she is the most adorable, precious, part of my life. She just turned one on April 5th, and is trying to learn to walk. I wish my son would be a little more like his sister. But that would mean a complete change of him to something that he's not. He had ADHD, ODD, and a bit of bipolar disorder. He is on meication for this, although I think they really don't work. I wonder where my fairy tale is, or if my fairy tale even exists, or even if fairy tales even really happen for anyone.....

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  1. It gets better hun. When he's 18 and out of the house :-) I'm joking! I love you all.


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